Rich Webb forecasts the return of 50’s rock with ‘Let it Rain’


No, they don’t have a time machine, but Rich Webb is bringing back the sound of the 50’s with warm, fuzzy guitar tones and ‘analog’ sounding mixes.

As per their Soundcloud page, Rich Webb describe themselves as ‘an eclectic blend of Americana and garage rock’, which only covers half of their real capabilities. We couldn’t put it better than them when they say: “Expect primal country-tinged dirty rock, devil’s rib bone rhythms and scorching leads strung like delicious party lights around Webb’s offbeat story-telling.”

The beginning new track ‘Let It Rain‘ is one the most enticing parts as it encapsulates you, leaving what can only be described as a drive through Route 66, Arizona in a 1976 Eldorado Cadillac, whilst the sun sets, kind of feeling. Once the drums enter into the mix, the overall sound is incredibly professional. This recording, if not done in analog, is incredibly resonant of one that is recorded the ‘old fashion way’’.

Overall, the mix is fantastic. It is incredible that more ‘underground’ bands are producing such fantastic music that is equal to or greater than those that make millions in the current music industry.

Frontman and guitarist Rich Webb mentioned that the single is ‘lyrically driven’, but wait till you hear the main motive behind it:

“It’s a simple song about wanting an absolute deluge right now to wash away this all-pervading crap we’re in… and when it happens, we’re going to run with a lot of other people I reckon into the middle of a muddy field somewhere, shouting ‘hallelujah’! – and we’re going to dance a jig!

Whether this is a self-confession of insanity, or an extreme way of procrastinating from writing music, the outcome has clearly paid off and the single sounds great. Moreover, ‘Let it Rain’ is consistent throughout. The earthy sounds, and alternative nature puts them right in the same ball park as big band Kasabian.

Rich Webb also mentions that the idea of being lyrically driven was largely influenced by Jacques Romain, who was a songwriter for all you that are not clued up on the history of French music. 

‘Let it Rain’ is the first single from the upcoming Rich Webb album Le Rayon Vert. The track will be out on 27 July, ahead of the album which is expected in September. So don’t forget to keep an eye out of this one!        

Words: James Cane | @djjamescane

Follow Rich Webb:

Twitter: @richwebbmusic




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